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28th November 2006


So, it was back to ROUNDEL STUDIOS ( on Monday 6th. November, for the final recording session on ‘SELLING MY SOUL’, with CLAUDE DEPPA and RICHARD HENRY.

We decided to let RICHARD HENRY record his Bass Trombone parts on ‘FATMAN’S GAME’ first and he laid down some excellent playing and was on his way home by 11.30am!!!!!!!!!
Sincere thanks Richard for hearing it exactly as I did!

Then it was CLAUDE DEPPA’s turn (see photo) and I have to say, that Claude just blew us away with his Trumpet playing and hit the parts exactly as I wanted them and his ‘growling’ Trumpet on ‘……. Or Die Trying’ is just Great!

So by 4pm. Claude had completed his contribution to the Brass Section parts on 7 tracks and was on his way back to London, leaving ROGER COTTON and Myself to start Mixing all the 9 tracks on ‘SELLING MY SOUL’ and revelling in the awesome sound of the Brass Section, that between the 5 of them, had achieved EXACTLY the sound I was hoping for!
Sincere thanks Claude for your huge contribution to the Album!

In the next three hours, Roger and I managed to complete the Mixing on ‘LEAVING TIME’ and ‘TOGETHER AGAIN’.

Wednesday 8th. November saw Roger and Myself back in Roundel Studios and we managed to Mix another 4 tracks, then on Thursday 9th. we completed the Mixing to the final 3 tracks and set the album up ready for Mastering at SRT.
May I say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Roger Cotton for all his superb work on this album over the last 7 years!

So now I am on the Final Lap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next step is to take everything to SRT in St. Ives and carry out the final Mastering and then ‘SELLING MY SOUL’ will be ready to be pressed and released!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait………………….watch this space!

I’d like to say a really big sincere ‘Thank You’ to everybody that has contributed to the making of this Album and hope they will be as proud as I am when they hear the finished product.

Richard Everitt