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12th August 2007

'Power of The Website'..........'Blasts from the Past!'

In my last Newsletter, I mentioned about ADAM CLARKSON & MIKE TORR making contact with me again and I was very surprised a few weeks back when I received a really nice email from one of the ex. KING BIZKIT Drummers, NIGEL BROMLEY.

NIGEL was a really nice guy to work with and we had a lot of fun with him on our constant tours of Europe...........I think NIGEL was with us for over a Year and he toured Eire, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and France with us, as well as the UK. He tells me that he has been working with the 'COUNTRY LEGENDS' for a few years now ( and tours the World with them...........but often thinks back to his 'Experiences' in KING BIZKIT!!!!!!!!!! ( I know EXACTLY what he means!!!!!!!!!!)

A couple of weeks after NIGEL BROMLEY contacted me, I had an email from LYNN THOMPSON, which really surprised me. LYNN was Lead Trumpet player in KING BIZKIT for quite a few years and tells me is keeping busy with various projects in the West Midlands area and also doing quite a lot of session work again, for the Artistes he worked for in the 1980's etc. Then last night I logged into my laptop........and there was a REAL 'Blast from the Past'!!!!!!!! An email from GLENN of the early 'stalwarts' of T.S.K.B.B.B! As a lot of you will remember, GLENN joined T.S.K.B.B.B in the Summer of 1990 and was a 'Mainstay' of the Band for about 18 months, until he left and was replaced by MARK STUART full-time. GLENN tells me he is now living in Sierra Leone and still playing the Blues, but occaisionally visits the UK and does the odd 'Musical Thing' with DENNY NEWMAN, MAX MIDDLETON & ZOOT MONEY! (another 'old face' from the T.S.K.B.B.B. days) He also tells me his Son ROSS is a very good Guitarist now (I remember him being born!!!!!!!!) and plays the Blues with a lot of feeling! I'm looking forward to meeting up with GLENN again one must be 16 years now since we last worked together!

I am off to Accra in Ghana at the beginning of September for 30 days ....just having all the 'jabs' at the sing at a Jazz Festival with some Ghanaian Musicians and I am hoping to lay down some tracks with them for the next KING BIZKIT album, which I decided about 10 years ago would be titled 'LAYING DOWN THE TRACKS', when I wrote a song with the same title. That was all about the 'flash-backs' I got one night about my time in Angola and Zaire during the early 1970's!!!!!, so it is appropiate to do some of the recording in Africa.

So, that's about it for now KING BIZKIT Fans.........not much else happening to tell you about.

Take care and I look forward to meeting up with you all again in the future.