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23rd January 2009

Hi Everybody!

Well, at long last ‘SELLING MY SOUL’ is finished – just waiting for the artwork to be completed and then we can finally release it in early May…….hopefully!
I am absolutely ‘over the moon’ with it…….great playing from all the Musicians and a fantastic recording job by Roger Cotton (

Back in November 2008, I was introduced to by Gregg Wright and so I set up a KING BIZKIT site on there ( and that has produced amazing feedback from American Promoters and Record A&R men from Nashville …. (of all places), who have contacted me raving about KING BIZKIT’s music and wanting to know why we are not ‘signed’ to a major label!!!!!!!!! ……what can I say…….don’t start me off on that one!

Anyway, that’s another story!
Changing the subject – I have had a lot of feedback over the last year or so from visitors to the KING BIZKIT website, praising the very impressive and professional site (designed and maintained by the very talented and beautiful Jackie Coulson ( and asking about the previous recordings we released in the past and the ‘LIVE IN LISBON’ video, so I have decided to have the ‘LIVE IN LISBON’ video re-mastered onto dvd and that is now in the process of being done and it should be on the website soon and available to buy direct from the site.
I then plan to work ‘backwards in time’ and have our live recordings, which were released on cassette, re-mastered onto cd and then they too will be available via our website and also on sale at our shows when we start touring again this year.
So…….keep watching this space!

I wish you all a very successful 2009 and I look forward to meeting up with you all again this Year.
Peace and Love,