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6th May 2007

Dear King Bizkit Fans,

Well, things are moving on! Jackie Coulson (our website designer) has added a load more Photos during the last week and we are now up to the 'D.H-S. Benefit Concert' at the 100 Club in June 1992 --------- (still 100s to upload yet though) check them out, there are some great photos there!

A couple of months ago I bought an Iveco Coach on ebay (see photos) and that is now being converted into the new 'Bizkit Tin' in preparation for when we get back to touring later this year to promote 'SELLING MY SOUL'.

I've also bought a Hammond B300 Organ and TWO Leslie Cabinets ready for live gigs, so we should have a wicked Hammond sound on Stage and together with a 5 Horn Players Brass section-------- wow! It's going to be a BIG Sound!!

It should only be a matter of days now until the new batch of 'HOOKED ON YOU' cd's are available and 'SELLING MY SOUL' is completed. Also I am having the 'LIVE IN LISBON' concert produced in DVD format, so they should be available in the near future as well.

Finally, I had a surprise visit from ADAM CLARKSON a couple of weeks ago! It was great to see him looking so well. He now lives on one of the Scottish
Islands and was back in Suffolk visiting his Family.

And very finally, Happy Birthday to MIKE TORR -------- 42 today!!!

Take care,
Richard Everitt