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Terry Clear Review for 'Selling My Soul'

King Bizkit is back again and just as good as ever, with a mix of blues and soul on "Selling My Soul".

Nine tracks, seven of them Richard Everitt originals and two written by Los Angeles based Gregg Wright and all of them up to the usual excellent King Bizkit standard. The currently fifteen piece Band really put themselves to the test here and they pass that test with flying colours.

The album opens up with "Together Again", a great track which alternates between heavy soul and blues, excellent guitar work from Laurie Wisefield and some lovely horn sounds. This track sets the tone for the album and things just get better with "Leaving Time", with a really nice boogie, jazzy, shuffle beat going on, driven along by Ian Gibbons on Hammond organ and great guitar work from Tim Ainslie ....... My favourite track on the CD!

Gregg Wright's "... or Die Trying" slows things way down, a fantastic soulful number and then music carries on with a variety of tempos, styles and influences all the way through to the end, with the title track, "Selling My Soul", a slow, moody ballad with a story about a Man selling his soul to the Devil.

If you like, blues and soul, then you'll readily become a fan of this Band - give them a listen!!

Terry Clear - Blues Bytes - 26th April 2012

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