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John Kavanagh Review for 'Selling My Soul'

KING BIZKIT's new album 'Selling My Soul', due to be released in May 2012 on King Bizkit Records, is a full helping of horn-driven Soul with a jazzy swing. I've listened to a LOT of blues albums over the Years, but this album is amazing!

KING BIZKIT titles the album after track 9 - 'Selling My Soul', which makes a statement about the strength of KING BIZKIT's Soul capabilities. Fortunately, the title track doesn't disappoint, as the Band dishes out a serious helping of slow Soul.

All the songs are written by Richard Everitt, assisted by Jon Bower, except for '...or Die Trying' and 'A Fast One', which are written by Gregg Wright, but they are all arranged by Richard Everitt and he describes his music as 'Heavy Soul'

'Together Again' is a mid-tempo horns-driven Soul number, with plenty of punch and great guitar solos.

'Leaving Time' is a mid-tempo song, organ and bass driven, in the Bobby Bland vein.

'... or Die trying' is seven minutes of a slow haunting soulful, horns-driven song with superb vocals.

'Fatman's Game', another great song with fab vocals and great horns, guitar and pulsating organ.

'Don't Want You 'round Me No More' has a jazzy swing to it with great vocals and a swinging Band.

'The Letter' ....another great song with great vocals and backing vocals, powerful guitar, organ and horns.

'Don't Quit Me Baby' .... once again, great vocals with beautiful piano and powerful sax solo.

'A Fast One' is a good up-tempo song, intro starts like Pretty Woman, but it changes into a funky groove song with driving guitars and funky organ solo and fab horns.

'Selling My Soul' ....a soulful, moody slow burner, that builds and builds to a superb crescendo and then drops away to just the organ drone.

The magic of KING BIZKIT was found in the varied experience of, and the enormous chemistry between the various players. Overall, this album is a great and energetic performance, showing the well-honed Band's skills and bringing a unique blend of fine entertaining music. KING BIZKIT are a horn-based, Soul-driven 15-piece Band in the truest sense of the word, with guitar, organ, sax, trumpet, trombone and bass, taking front and centre-stage. The Band is obviously very comfortctble and tight, delivering an impressive array of music throughout the Album.

I really think there is something for everyone on 'Selling My Soul', from serious guitar-driven heavy-blues, to a soulful jazzy mix and everything in between. As Richard Everitt describes it ..... 'Heavy Soul'

I thoroughly enjoyed this album and would highly recommend grabbing a copy. 'Heavy Soul' at it's best!

'Selling My Soul' was recorded by Roger Cotton at Roundel Studios, Horton Kirby, Kent and produced by Richard Everitt.


John Francis Kavanagh - Dublin Blues Club - 17.4.12

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