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Soulandjazzandfunk.com Review for 'Hooked on You'

KING BIZKIT are one of the UK's longest standing and hardest gigging soul and blues bands. Later this Year they'll be releasing a new, full album - SELLING MY SOUL - but in the meantime collectors will need to know that one of the Band's most in-demand back catalogue items has just been re-issued.

In 1992, the BIZKIT boys played a live session for PAUL JONES BBC Radio 2 Blues Show and the four tracks were given a limited commercial release. The EP soon sold out and was deleted but it's now once more available.

The four cuts (which include a version of JOHN MAYALL's 'Another Kinda Love' and the Stax-inspired 'Hooked On You') represent KING BIZKIT at their driving best and over the coming Year the Band will also release a quartet of live albums from the early 1990's, in the run up to the release of SELLING MY SOUL.

For more information on the EP and the albums, go to www.kingbizkit.com

Bill Buckley - 20th. March 2010


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