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4th February 2010

Hi Music Lovers!                              

My appologies for the delay with this Newsletter, but a lot has been happening over the last Year!
The ‘Live In Lisbon’ dvd has not yet materialised! I sent everything off (including money!) to this firm in London that I found on the Internet and after a Year of VERY frustrating corresponding with the guy who runs it, I have nothing and apparently he has ‘disappeared’ back to South Africa!!!

On a more exciting note, Roger Dean ( has completed the artwork for the cover of ‘SELLING MY SOUL’ and is now designing the layout for the rest of the cover etc. As I previously stated, I am going to release a limited run of 1,000 LP’s on 12” vinyl, with a ‘Roger Dean Gatefold Cover’ and also on CD as well, so I am hoping it will not be TOO much longer before that happens!
…….’watch this space’, as they say!

On a positive note, the beautiful Jackie Coulson has now set-up the KING BIZKIT RECORDS website for me (what would I do without her?) and I have had a re-run of the 1995 ‘HOOKED ON YOU’ cd produced and they are now available to purchase direct from the KING BIZKIT RECORDS website ( or from

S.R.T. Ltd. In St.Ives, Cambridgeshire ( are now in the process of mastering the live cassette, ‘STAGELIVE’ from Kiel in Northern Germany, that we released in 1993 and I am hoping that it will be available on cd in the not too distant future. Then I will work ‘backwards’ with the other live cassettes that we released in the early 1990’s.
Anyway………keep watching this space!

So, that’s all for now.

‘All you need is Love’,